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How to Fix MS office 365 Install on Windows 10?


Microsoft office 365 support

Are you facing technical troubles with one of MS office 365 programs? Looking for repairing the office 365 on windows 10 without reinstalling? Here, we will observe how to repair office 365 installation on windows 10 securely.

Since the arrival of office 365, many PC users are purchasing subscription based office 365 in the place of going for traditional office versions. One of the important advantages of office 365 is that the user forever obtains to use new version of MS office. Even though, office 2010, and 2013 are compatible with windows 10, mostly users are using Office 365, and office 2016 on windows 10. To get complete technical guidance, you can contact Microsoft office 365 Support team immediately.

Easy Fixes to Repair MS Office 365 installed on Windows 10-

If you are facing technical troubles, when opening or using one of the office 365 programs, you can fix these problems just by repairing office 365 installation on windows 10. Our Microsoft 365 Support team will guide you step by step for repairing office 365 installation on windows 10.

Step1- You have to open, “start” menu and click on “settings” button to open the settings app. If the start menu is not opening, you need to use windows logo+ I hot key to open the settings app.

Step2- You need to click on system button and click on, “apps and features” to see all installed desktop programs as well as apps from store.

Step3- Seek for office 365 entry, you need to click on it to show modify and uninstall options, and click on modify option.

Step4- Clicking on “Modify” button, you will observe user account control prompt where you should click on, “yes” option to observe following dialog with Quick repair and online repair options. All these steps are very helpful to repaid MS office 365 installed on windows 10. Still, if you are facing this error again and again, you can call Office 365 Support immediately to get quick solutions.

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